Absalon & Co is more than just the connection between real estate and retail

For more than 30 years Absalon & Co has been fully focused on optimizing the attached stores of an estate for increased profitability. Through the years we have noticed a lacking amount of interest from the real estate community for the development of these given stores, even though 70-100 percent of the estates value is based on the tenant occupying the ground floor. By selectively choosing and dealing with the right tenants, the store could in turn hand back an exorbitant amount at the future valuations of the buildning.

Leif Djurhuus, Stig Birk Dørler & Claus Hald

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The idea of Absalon & Co version 2.0 is - in a much higher degree than in the past - to actively fill and reduce the distance between the real estate community and retail community, within that to improve the relations and communication between both parties involved. With that in mind Absalon & Co decided in 2019 to hire Claus Hald as partner and managing director of the company, and Leif Djurhuus as chairman of the board, for Absalon & Co which was established in 1988 by the founding partners Stig Birk Dørler and Mette Mouritzen Dørler.